From luxurious and elegant to casual and comfy, carpet can define the feel of a space.

In addition to the benefit of absorbing sound and providing excellent insulation value, it always feels nice to walk, lay or sit on.

Textured Plush

Most decoratively versatile. Textured surfaces help hide footprints and vacuum marks. Add causal beauty to any room. Preferred style for busy households. A great “whole-house” carpet.


Forms a “curly” textured surface because yarns are extremely twisted. Has an informal look. Helps minimize footprints and vacuum marks.

Cut-loop Pile

This carpet style combines cut and looped yarns. It provides variety of surface textures, including sculptured effects of squares, chevrons and swirls. The multicolor effects hide soil and stains.


Stain Resistance: R2X Shaw’s exclusive patented stain and soil repellent- is proven protection from dirt and spills. How does it compare to other stain-resistance products? You might say we give our carpets a bath, not a shower.