In our design studio, we have the pleasure of working with many different individuals every day. Needless to say, everyone has different tastes, styles, and even budgets. There is only one thing we see consistently across our customers, they seem to love HGTV.

Now don’t get us wrong, we love HGTV too. The shiplap and 3×6 gloss Kitchen tile designs of Joanna and Chip Gaines are lovely. The Property Brothers make flipping a house and ripping down walls look so easy. Don’t even get us started on our love for David and Hilary on Love it Or List it.

As awesome as they all are there is one common thread through them all: they’re professionals. They make the upgrades and changes to your home look so fast and easy. Please know that there are crews of subcontractors that make all those dreams and visions come true.

Wonder where we’re going with this? Your new home is not a Fixer Upper, no pun intended. It’s your beautiful new home that has been built with your specific structural needs in mind. We are here and trained to give you the opportunity to bring all your design desires come to life!

Here are three major items that we recommend you do not try DIY. (Hey that rhymed!)

  1. Cabinetry – Your cabinets are installed in your Kitchen and Bathrooms – the main focal points of most homes. So many of the other decisions in your kitchen and bathrooms are determined by the cabinetry.  Your tile backsplashes, countertops, and flooring choices typically cannot be made without the cabinet finish and style. Changing out cabinets after you close on a new home can be very overwhelming – flooring, drywall, and tile repairs could all be potential changes. Who wants to remodel a new house?

We also get a lot of feedback about the built-in options for cabinetry. We encourage you to keep in mind that even though some of the big box stores sell trash bins, roll out shelves, and other options, it may be best to do them before you close. Often the method of installation is different when the cabinet is built. You could be sacrificing the way a door closes, the interior finish, or secureness of an option by doing it after closing.

  1. Electrical – Even if you are a Master Electrician I don’t encourage electrical additions or changes after closing. Electrical changes can potentially impact your drywall, paint, and even put drywall dust throughout your home. Unless you are hiring a professional you also run the risk of messing something up or hurting yourself. Let us do it!


  1. Flooring – Flooring is such a major part of the home, and like cabinetry it impacts so many selections. If your home is already furnished and you change your flooring, you must move all your furniture around to complete this task. If your home has stairs you may need to sand and restain your handrail and tread to match your new flooring color. Also, keep in mind that the smell that can accompany new floor installation can be overwhelming! And of course, the dust….removing carpet or installing hardwoods can land dust on everything. Save yourself and do it before you close on your new home.

If you feel as if you have the skill set to change any of these three things without the aforementioned headaches, go for it. But, if you are like us (we know enough just to be dangerous), don’t risk it. Enjoy your beautiful new Shea home without the worry of having to correct or repair anything later.

Warning you against any DIY dangers,

April Gilmore & Your Shea Design Team